Building Trust

100_0580“Trust but verify.” – Ronald Reagan.

My 87-year-old mother-in-law called my husband and asked him about having a cooling system flush.  Her dealership told her in the spring that she could get by then but would need to have it flushed before winter.

She said she really didn’t want to go all the way back to the dealership and asked what she should do.  We told her we could take her to the shop we go to, as they were very good and trustworthy, and this wouldn’t take long.

I asked a few questions like why her dealership thought she needed this?  She said that my brother-in-law asked the same question.  She wasn’t sure why.  I wondered if it somehow was dirty.  I knew it wasn’t a mileage issue as she doesn’t have many miles on her vehicle.

When we got to the repair shop, they lifted the hood, ran a test and told us in 5 minutes that she didn’t need a cooling system flush and wouldn’t for some time.  They said if she really wanted them to do it, they would, but it sure wasn’t necessary.

It just verified for me that the shop we go to is trustworthy and true!  I don’t think my mother-in-law will be going to the dealership from here on out.  She now feels they were trying to rip off an elderly woman.  Whatever the reason, they were making a “money grab” and that was not good.

Always go out of your way to build trust with your customers.  I know many of my customers do this each and every day in many large and small ways.  It warms my heart.

Have a great day!
Rhonda Hiltbrand
News Works Marketing