Tell to Sell…Not To Give The Job To The Competition!

Everyone seems to be looking for a “deal” these days and my customers get frustrated by this just like I do! Yes…I have customers also looking for a cheaper means to market and yet they get upset when their customers look for cheaper auto repair. It seems to be an epidemic and most businesses are feeling the pain of it all.

I get many calls from my customers who tell me they recommend services that their customers refuse and they just know they are “price shopping” after the shop took their time to inspect the vehicle, then spelled it all out for the customer.

I hear this so much and I know I’ve written about it before but I’ll say it again. DON’T SPELL IT ALL OUT! Some of my shop owners have shown me an itemized list of each and every part with the cost included that they have given to their customer. That sure makes it easy for a customer to price shop, doesn’t it?

If you tell them they need a brake job and they ask how much, of course you have to tell them before they will let even you do the job. Give them the total cost, not an itemized cost. You don’t have to hand them an itemized list for them to take with them and give to other shops hoping for a lower price! Almost any shop can cut a price here or there to come in less expensive under those circumstances. They can even use poor quality parts to get the price down and the customer in many cases doesn’t even think about that!

If you are awarded the job, then you can hand them the itemized list when the job is complete. Remember, you are selling more than just parts and service…you are selling value which includes a great warranty and quality parts and certified technicians. If a customer grumbles about pricing, tell them it includes quality all the way around and parts that will last more than a few months. Sure…they can always get it cheaper somewhere or other…but in the long run they may end up paying a whole lot more because quality lasts…cheap doesn’t.

Hang in there!
Rhonda Hiltbrand
News Works Marketing Group

Being In The Know

Unless your customers are all car enthusiasts (and some of my shop owners only have that type of customer) they really would love a car that never needs service or repair. That is their true WANT. Since that is not currently possible (and I’m glad as we would both be out of business) we know that the majority want a car that gets them from point A to point B and back again safely.

You know, as a shop owner and/or service advisor what drivers need to have done to their vehicles to make that happen. You go to great lengths to remind them when they need to see you and what they need to have done next time they come in. You offer inspections so they stay safe on the road…some of you do that as a courtesy.

So far, it is easy. Now comes the hard part…getting your customer to WANT what they NEED. You are not alone as that is every business owners’ (and service advisors’) dilemma! What is the best way to accomplish this? Here are a few suggestions that are working for my customers:

• Direct mail is working very well these days…even better than in years gone by. Why? Because it is a relief to consumers to look at it on their time and not be bombarded with emails. Us business owners may be at our computers all day looking at emails and social media, etc, but many consumers don’t get to view their personal inbox or Facebook page until after hours…when they are tired. It is too easy to hit “delete” or “scroll down.” I am guilty of this myself even when it is good stuff that I’m interested in…I simply don’t have enough hours in the day to look at it all!
• Use attention grabbing humor! If you can make your customers chuckle, you can get them to keep on reading your message! I have one customer that uses a funny postcard each July 4. We have made him everything from Uncle Sam to George Washington and are racking our brains for a different look this year. He has a customer who takes that postcard and puts it on his truck and drives it around town for all to see. Now that is engaging your customer!
• When a customer can read on their time what services they need to have done on a quarterly basis in small bites, with a dash of humor and imagination, they learn about automotive service and repair in a fun way.

Try it! If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me!


Tell & Sell

We all know the economy is tough right now.  We all know everyone is looking for ways to save money.  We all know that everyone wants value!  Value is the key to the “tell and sell” concept.

Value:  Equivalent worth or return in money, material, services, etc. To give value for value received.

One of the ways consumers are saving money right now is by keeping their cars longer.  They understand that the cars will need to be serviced and that this costs money.  They chose this method because it is still a lot less expensive than buying a new vehicle.

Your key role as a service advisor right now is to sell value!  85% of the time you will be required to sell value over the phone because most consumers will call you first to ask about pricing and or to schedule an appointment.  What they hear from you on the telephone will determine if you make the sale.

Try this:

  • Talk about features
  • Talk about benefits
  • Talk about advantages
  • Ask for the appointment
  • Focus on what is best for the customer
  • Focus on the needs of the customer

Highlights:  We have trained certified technicians here to service you, we use quality parts, and we will top off fluids and check tire pressures between services just to keep your car in top shape.  Yes…brag a bit!  Be proud of the company that employs you!


  • Blurt out prices
  • Rush the call
  • Focus your attention on hours per repair order
  • Focus your attention on your needs over the customers (such as meeting your quota)
  • Recommend additional services before checking on the vehicle service history

When blurting out prices and rushing the call it makes the customer/consumer feel like you just want to hurry them along and you don’t really care if they come in or not.

When asking for the appointment, invite the caller to come in for service.  “Let me see what time we have available that works best for you?  Would today or tomorrow be more convenient?  Will you need a ride to work (or wherever)?

These are just some suggestions and I will be sending these monthly for the benefit of the service advisor.  Feedback is always welcome.