Reward Your Customers!

One of our customers, John Zadrovitz or as we like to call him, Johnny Z of South Trail Tire and Auto in Florida has come up with a great idea to engage his customers! He said I could share this with all of you in case you want to try it too!

Each time he uses his credit card he builds up “rewards.” He said instead of rewarding himself he uses the cards to reward his customers instead. Look how he has rewarded them so far…and he already has a great idea for Labor Day…a smoker and a rack of ribs! He says they appreciate this so much more than pulling out a card to swipe to build up points or taking endless surveys.

Take a look at what he has done so far:


If you are rewarding your customers in a fun, engaging way, please let me know and I’ll share it with others too!

Rhonda Hiltbrand
News Works Marketing Group

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