Listen to Rhonda Hiltbrand discuss direct mail with Carm Capriotto of Remarkable Results Radio:

News Works Marketing is an award winning marketing company with a foundation that started in the 80’s. We are the oldest newsletter marketing company for the automotive repair shop industry. The goal then, as now, is to offer the best communication tools for our customers. The message has remained the same since the beginning…but the basic tool we still use for the best results (print/mail) has grown to include such items as email, social media and more.

What is Marketing? Marketing is nothing more than attracting attention and maintaining interest so your current customers don’t forget about you and prospects hear about you. This means you have to market with consistency.

In this business, you can never have an oil change for your car and say you are finished. You have to get your car’s oil changed on a consistent, timely basis!

A great marketing piece doesn’t shout, “Sell, sell, sell!” A great marketing piece informs, educates, entertains and subtly sells with a call to action.

News Works Marketing Gets You Noticed!