100_0580Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant. ~Horace

I just wanted to share what some of my wonderful customers are doing during this difficult time of isolation for the masses.  I thought you might want to try it as well.

–  Several are offering to pick up their customers’ vehicles, service and return them. I think if I was a health care professional at this time, I would so appreciate that kindness! Many others would as well.

–  A few have even offered to pick up medicine and food and other supplies to those shut in and deliver them to the customer’s door.

–  I think it is wonderful how many are saying they are disinfecting the steering wheel, etc, after they have worked on their customers’ vehicles (and many say this is normal procedure) and of course the service counter as well.

These customers didn’t wait weeks to get these messages out!  They reacted fast!  Congratulations to you all for being proactive on making our world that much healthier and safer.

News Works Marketing is still open and operating normally so if you need us, just give us a shout!

Wishing you all health and prosperity!

Rhonda Hiltbrand
News Works Marketing