Consistency is the Key to Success!

Rhonda HiltbrandConsistency is one of the biggest factors in leading to accomplishment and success. Byron Pulsifer

For your customers to have a vehicle that runs well, you tell them they need to take care of it consistently!  You don’t tell them to have their vehicle serviced when they have time or when they feel like it.  You tell them if they don’t service it consistently, they will eventually have a car in breakdown mode and the cost of repair will be much more expensive than consistent service would have been!

The same is true when it comes to your marketing.  Your customers come to expect consistent messages from you.  They rely on it as a reminder to take care of their vehicle.  They read about why they need to be consistent with car service as well.  When you market only when you have time or feel like it, your communication with your customer breaks down.  They may decide to go elsewhere to another shop who is communicating with them.  It costs more to get a customer back than to keep one!

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Rhonda Hiltbrand
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